A community driven
liquidity layer & AMM on Arbitrum


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The Time Is Now

A Better Way To Trade

Limitless liquidity, state of the art AMM design, and advanced smart-order routing provides the best rates and lowest slippage across all liquidity pairs. Trade with confidence knowing you’re getting the best rate every time.

Around the Clock

Passive Income

Earn passive yield on your digital assets and watch them grow day by day. Contribute to the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem by providing liquidity for the network’s top projects.

Protocol & Community

Perfectly in Sync

Chronos aligns incentives in a way that mutually benefits all participants. Strong returns for investors, stable liquidity for projects, and an unwavering devotion to Arbitrum’s long-term success. Wherever we go, we go together.

How It Works

Take Control Of Your Time & Money

veCHR Holders

STEP 01.

Lock CHR

and Receive veCHR

CHR is Chronos’s main utility token. Stake LPs to earn CHR, and lock it into veCHR to earn the right to vote on the platform’s gauges.

STEP 02.

Use veCHR to Vote

for Your Favorite Pools

By voting on Chronos’s gauges, veCHR holders control how CHR emissions get distributed each epoch.

STEP 03.

Earn Fees

From Pools You Voted For

Higher incentives drive liquidity to the most actively traded pairs. The more trade volume there is for those pairs, the more veCHR earns in fees.


STEP 01.

Request Whitelisting

for a Custom Gauge

Submit a proposal to be considered for a custom gauge on the platform.

STEP 02.

Create a Bribe

With a Few Clicks

Once your gauge is approved and implemented, bribes can be issued directly from the UI with a few clicks. Bribes are set per epoch, which lasts for 7 days.

STEP 03.

Earn Emissions

From veCHR Voters

By bribing veCHR voters you’re directing more CHR emissions to your token’s pair which helps drive more liquidity to your pools.


Who Support Chronos

The Flywheel Effect

CHR Tokenomics

Inspired by Curve’s vote-escrow model and perfected by improving on the original Solidly’s design, Chronos provides a strong incentive to lock CHR for veCHR while keeping the door open for new entrants to participate in the Chronos economy.

A Community-Owned


No VCs. No seed round. No private token sale. Our initial token distribution targeted the top protocols from every corner of the crypto ecosystem, as well as active members of the Arbitrum community. The funds needed to kickstart the Chronos flywheel were generated via the sale of our Lost Keys of Chronos NFT without the need to sell any tokens at a discount to early investors.

Hybrid AMM

For Volatile and Stable Pairs

With fees ranging from 0.04% for stable pools to 0.2% for variable pools, Chronos allows traders to execute trades with minimal slippage. Our hybrid vAMM/sAMM automatically routes each trade through the appropriate pools to give traders the best rate on every trade.


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Trade chrNFT